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Online groceries shop

GUDREE is an online groceries store which provides fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, groceries and many more to the customers at a reasonable price and at their doorsteps. We are mainly focused on providing services to our customers rather than just making profits. Customers in the city do not have access to the informal vegetable markets and so, they have to purchase their required produces from the malls, supermarkets and local market which is high on your budget and they also have to stay in the queue for a longer time. In this scenario, GUDREE will provide relief to the customers from going and standing in the long queues for their requirements. Here the customers can select the desired product and order them to their doorsteps.

Uchit Services & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

“Think New Think Big”

Uchit Services & Co. believes that every business must have the core values in order to do business effectively and efficiently. We believe in value investments in all the sectors that can book profitable returns. These values remain at the heart of our guiding principles on how we do business to this day.

 As a business development and advisory concern, we have always been driven by the Uchit family motto “Think new think big”.

We have been helping companies develop and implement strategies that drive efficiencies, overcome barriers and achieve meaningful business outcomes. We help organizations of all types identify opportunities, create value and reduce risk and uncertainties. We have worked with many companies, in sectors including insurance, banking, hotels & restaurants, Pharmacy, technology, and many others. And our team members will apply their niche expertise to help you improve performance and accomplish your short- and long-term business objectives.


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Our Mission and Objectives

Our main mission and objective are to provide services to the people. Mostly we see people bargaining in the sun for the groceries product that they want. We found it is the main problem customers are facing.

Gudree solves those problems for you. Our object is simple and that is to provide

  1. Qualitative fruits, vegetables, meat, groceries and many more products that they want to their doorsteps.
  2. The product that everyone wants’s at a reasonable price.
  3. Hasslefree shopping environment.


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